Dairy Ingredients

  • Product :     Dairy Ingredients
  • Packing:     25 kg Bag
  • Milk powder is frequently used in the manufacture of infant formula, confectionery such as chocolate and caramel candy, and in recipes for baked goods like biscuits & cookies. It also used in ice-cream & dairy products.
  • Origin :     U.S.A, Germany, Poland
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  • Full Cream Milk Powder

    Full Cream Milk powder is obtained in the process of two dehydration of liquid milk. It is creamy white powder with excellent creamy flavor.

    Application : Bakery, Ice-Cream, Ready meals, Confectionery, Chocolates.
  • Skim Milk Powder

    Skim Milk Powder is manufactured by spray dying fresh pasteurized skim milk. After hydration, product is a good replacement of fresh milk.

    Application : Bakery, Butter, Cheese, Cookies Yogurt, Confectionery, Bakery.
  • WHEY Powder

    Whey Powder is valuable addition to the funcational properties of varieties foods as well as a source of valuable nutrients because it contains approximately 50 percent of the nutrients in the original milk.

    Application : Bakery Products, Dry Mixes, Process Cheese Foods and Spread, Frozen Desserts, Sauces, Meat Emulsions, Salad Dressings, Confectioneries, Gravies, Snack Foods, Seasonings and Beverages. As a food additive, why powder acts as binder and extender for many food products, such as Beef Preparations, Poultry, Sausages and Soups.
  • Non-Dairy Creamer

    Non-Dairy Creamers are liquid or granular substances intended to substitute for milk. Non Dairy Creamer is used to improve the taste in many foods.

    Application : Milk Poser, Milk Tea, Soybean Milk Powder, Instant Coffee, Instanct Corn Flakes, Instant Cereals, Baby Drink, Ice Cream, Bread, Biscuits, Instant Noodles, Candies, Sauces, Chocolates, Rice Powder Cream, Instant Soup Flavor, Confectionery, Juices and Desserts.