Speciality Fats & Oils

  • Product :     Fat & Oils
  • Packing:     20 kg Carton
  • CBS Fats - Cocoa Butter Substitute

    CBS Fat is a premium grade cocoa butter substitute made from fraction of lauric oil.

    CBS Fat cocoa butter substitute features:

    Excellent sharp and complete melting at body temperature
    A satisfying, cooling sensation in the mouth
    Good mould release ― is hard and brittle in ambient temperature


    A Partial Replacement for Dairy Butter in Butterscotch
    Chocolate Caramels
    Molding of Chocolate Bars
  • HPKO Fats- Hydrogenerated Palm Kernel Oil

    HPKO Fat is a premium-grade butter replacer prepared from lauric oil. Depending on the desired application, it is tailor-made as a complete cocoa butter substitute for coating of confectioneries, chocolates & Ice-cream.

    HPKO Fat range, with its various melting points, allows you to choose the best replacer fat for the application desired.


    Coating of Biscuit, Chocolates and Sweet Confectioneries
    Filling for Sweets and Sandwiched Biscuits
  • RBD Coconut oil

    RBD stands for "refined, bleached, and deodorized." RBD oil is usually made from copra (dried coconut kernel).

    RBD oil is used for home cooking, commercial food processing, and cosmetic, industrial, and pharmaceutical purposes


    Excellent for preparations of compound chocolate coatings for ice cream and chilled
    Liquid Chocolates
  • RBD Palmolien

    RBD Palm Olein is obtained from fractionating RBD Palm Oil to separate liquid parts (olein) from solid parts (Stearin).

    RBD Palm Olein is a clear yellow liquid at room temperature with no contamination (eg: oxidation).

    RBD Palm Olein is used as frying oil for food industries, such as snack food manufacturing and fast food manufacturing. It is also used as raw materials for such other products like Margarines and Shortenings.

    Delivery of RBD Palm Olein can be arranged in Bulk / Flexibags / Drums & consumer packs.

  • Palm Oil Shortening 36-39

    High quality grade 100% Pure Refined Palm Oil Shortening 36-39 for sale.

    Especially used in the baking, biscuits, instant noodles and confectionery industries.

    The product is storage in original un-opened packing in a cool, dry and odour free area with ambient temperature not above 20.C and below 60% relative humidity.
  • Origin :     Indonesia
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